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Wife Leaves Husband Because Of His Big ‘Size’



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Residents of one sleepy village in Kiambu County were treated to free entertainment in a lurid incident when an estranged wife scandalised her husband by revealing explicit details of their bedroom problems.

The two born again Christians wedded in a church eight years ago and have two daughters. They had been living happily before she recently decided enough was enough and chose to run a way from her husband, only known as Muiruri, on grounds that she could no longer withstand his big thing any more.

She was overheard claiming, “I can’t live with him anymore. I have persevered enough times. I am going back to my parents or get married to another man.”

And as if that was not enough, she hit the road and went shouting about it to any idler who cared to listen at the market place.

As expected, bored villagers were overly enthusiastic about the exposé and coaxed her to give more details amid uncontrolled laughter.

“This scandal has been part of the breakfast to supper menu around here. She started talking about it to neighbours, moved to roadsides and now at the market. Even school children are now making fun of it,” a resident said.

All this time, the humiliated husband remained calm and kept off the market place because of the embarrassment his estranged wife had caused him.

“As a churchwoman, it was disturbing to see her handle that issue in that clumsy way. For all those years since they became a family and gotten kids this is the time she is realising something is not right?” wondered one disturbed resident.

The matter has raised many questions, particularly from enraged men in the village.

One of his age mates posed, “There is more than meets the eye here. Kwani how were they living for those eight years? Or perhaps his thing has surprisingly grown overnight making her to run away?”

His close friend told this writer that the matter tormented Muiruri so much that he regrets why God brought them together. He is so embarrassed because whenever people meet him, they give him ‘that look’.

However, in a strange twist, the woman, accompanied by elders and church members, returned to her matrimonial home to apologise and beg to be re-united with him.

Village grapevine has it that Muiruri has grudgingly taken her back. Unfortunately she has no other option but to accept him (and his size) and move on.

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