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Wife Leaves Husband Because Of His Big ‘Size’





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Residents of one sleepy village in Kiambu County were treated to free entertainment in a lurid incident when an estranged wife scandalised her husband by revealing explicit details of their bedroom problems.

The two born again Christians wedded in a church eight years ago and have two daughters. They had been living happily before she recently decided enough was enough and chose to run a way from her husband, only known as Muiruri, on grounds that she could no longer withstand his big thing any more.

She was overheard claiming, “I can’t live with him anymore. I have persevered enough times. I am going back to my parents or get married to another man.”

And as if that was not enough, she hit the road and went shouting about it to any idler who cared to listen at the market place.

As expected, bored villagers were overly enthusiastic about the exposé and coaxed her to give more details amid uncontrolled laughter.

“This scandal has been part of the breakfast to supper menu around here. She started talking about it to neighbours, moved to roadsides and now at the market. Even school children are now making fun of it,” a resident said.

All this time, the humiliated husband remained calm and kept off the market place because of the embarrassment his estranged wife had caused him.

“As a churchwoman, it was disturbing to see her handle that issue in that clumsy way. For all those years since they became a family and gotten kids this is the time she is realising something is not right?” wondered one disturbed resident.

The matter has raised many questions, particularly from enraged men in the village.

One of his age mates posed, “There is more than meets the eye here. Kwani how were they living for those eight years? Or perhaps his thing has surprisingly grown overnight making her to run away?”

His close friend told this writer that the matter tormented Muiruri so much that he regrets why God brought them together. He is so embarrassed because whenever people meet him, they give him ‘that look’.

However, in a strange twist, the woman, accompanied by elders and church members, returned to her matrimonial home to apologise and beg to be re-united with him.

Village grapevine has it that Muiruri has grudgingly taken her back. Unfortunately she has no other option but to accept him (and his size) and move on.

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BigEye Money

Upgraded TECNO SPARK 3 Series with AI Bright Camera launched.



Upgraded TECNO SPARK 3 Series with AI Bright Camera launched.

By Staff Writer

New TECNO Spark 3 with AI bright camera now available at RRP 429,000 UGX Click here for more

It’s that time of the year when phone manufacturing companies come up with different handset models. TECNO Uganda has today officially launched its newest Series smartphones, the TECNO Spark and the Spark 3 Pro at Sheraton Hotel.

According to Tecno, the two new handset Models are said to be the latest of the Spark Series with improved Camera features among other awesome things. The Camera comes with Artificial intelligence technology (AI Tech) as opposed to their predecessors that is the Spark 2 and 2 Pro.

Both phones run a 9.0 pie Android operating system with a 6.2-inch display LCD capacitive touchscreen with a Trendy and classy appearance. The phones come with improved storage capacity and run 4G LTE.

Definitely the new Series tick the boxes its predecessors failed to.

Some of the Specifications of the spark 3 include:

  • 6.2-inch capacitive display touch screen with an aspect ratio of 19:9
  • Runs Android 9.0 pie operating system (pre-installed on the phone)
  • 4G LTE
  • Face ID
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Quad-core 2.5GHz Media Tek Helio A22 with up to 2GB RAM minimises lagging of applications and renders multi-tasking possible respectively.
  • Finger print Sensor
  • 3,500 mAh Li-ion battery
  • 8MP selfie camera and 13MP + 2MP rear cameras with a LED flash for Bright and better Crisp pictures in poorly lit areas.

Other specifications include Bluetooth V5.0, 3.5mm earphone jack, Wi-Fi, sensors i.e. fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor, G-sensor and Ambient Light sensor, powerVR GE8320 GPU stationed on the phone chip provides quality graphics.

“The success of these latest series Spark 3 and 3 Pro respectively is deemed to surpass its predecessors” narrated the Tecno mobile Uganda Marketing Manager, Gladys Liu speaking at the launch at Sheraton Hotel.

These comments come in review with a positive shift in the sales performance of the Spark 2 and 2pro

The Tecno Spark 3 Series are available in 4 colors; Midnight Black, Bordeaux Red, Aqua blue and champagne Gold.

The smartphones are now up for sale in various smartphone online stores and shops with price tag of UGX429,000 and UGX 489,000 respectively effective of today Monday 6th 2019.

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Entertainment News

New hair brand launched in Uganda



Brenda Atai

Brenda Atai explains the different offers for customers during the launch of her hair brand.

By Our Reporter

Brenda Atai, a Ugandan beauty entrepreneur based in the UK, has launched her hair brand in Uganda. Dubbed “Ms Atai”, it was unveiled during an intimate cocktail evening held at Holy Crepe on Tuesday.

New TECNO Spark 3 with AI bright camera now available at RRP 429,000 UGX Click here for more

Speaking at the launch, Atai revealed that she has always been passionate about making hair and now wants to share her passion with the rest of the world.

“I have always loved my hair and taken pride in it. I want to share my knowledge with my fellow Ugandan women,” she said. “I want them to feel confident and empowered whenever they wear my hair brand.”

The hair brand which was started in London in November last year comprises of premium virgin human hair in a variety of styles such as curly short bobs and straight shoulder skimming tresses among others.

According to Atai, every wig is hand custom-made and currently only available on her online store.  “Each piece is created by hand because every customer is different, and I want each of them to feel special,” she added.

Meanwhile, she plans to eventually set up a beauty shop where customers can get all-hair products as well as salon services.

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New WhatsApp update stops users from taking screenshots of private chats




A new WhatsApp update seems set to stop people screenshotting their private conversations.

The new feature – which comes as part of a suite of security changes, in line with the app’s commitment to privacy – seems strangely integrated.

New TECNO Spark 3 with AI bright camera now available at RRP 429,000 UGX Click here for more

It doesn’t appear to block someone taking screengrabs of your chats, perhaps to avoid them being shared with other people, according to WABetaInfo, the blog that first reported on the changes. Instead, it means that you turn on the app’s highest security settings, you won’t be able to take grabs of your own.
The change comes as part of an authentication feature that has been long rumoured but is yet to appear within WhatsApp. That feature allows people to set fingerprint access to conversations, adding a further layer of security so that people can’t get access to your phone and read or send private messages.
However, enabling that fingerprint security feature also turns on the conversation screenshot blocking option, meaning that it isn’t possible to take pictures of your own chats.

It is not clear why the feature works that way, and WABetaInfo expressed confusion about the way it works.

“We do not know why WhatsApp decided to prevent screenshots when fingerprint is enabled, and personally I don’t know if users like the idea,” it wrote in the blog post announcing the discovery.

It is possible for apps to both notify people that things have been grabbed, as with Snapchat’s stories feature. Apps can also ban screenshots entirely – as with Netflix, which stops people from taking screengrabs of its videos – and it appears that is the option that is being enabled within WhatsApp.

The details on the new screenshot blocking come from a very early version of the app that is available to some users on Android. That serves as a testing ground for new features, some of which are changed or removed entirely before they make it out to the public.

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