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BIG BROTHER AFRICA: Here are today’s Nominations



boltElikem nominated Natasha and Pokello

Feza nominate Natasha and Elikem

Oneal chose Pokello and Elikem

Bassey nominated Natasha and Cleo

Angelo nominated Elikem and Fatima

Sulu nominated Pokello and Fatima

Cleo chose Bassey and Feza.

Natasha on the other hand nominated Elikem and Angelo.

Pokello nominated Sulu and Selly

Selly nominated Pokello and Natasha.

Lastly Fatima nominated Pokello and Sulu.


Elikem 5, Natasha 4 and Pokello 4 .Who will be saved by Bassey tonight and whom will be put in his place?

Diamonds highest nominees are ; Annabel 3, Betty 3, Bolt 4 and Nando 3.


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