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sausagesA study conducted by our research team has revealed that Sausages were ranked the best snacks among Ugandan girls. The research dug deep to find out what propelled these Ugandan girls to have this crave for sausages.

It was discovered that an average Ugandan girl eats three sausages per day. It was also revealed, that apart from sausages, Ugandan girls registered a super love for bananas among other foods.

58% of the girls attributed the love for sausages to the taste while 42% credited the special feeling sausages creates in the hands. Our researchers found out that while holding sausages, girls tended to visualize pictures of things that assimilate to sausages.

To the Makerere University students, sausages helped remind them of their boyfriends while bananas reminded them of their ex-boyfriends. The girls revealed that sausages are the food version of sleeping in your boyfriend’s Tee-shirt.

However Kyambogo University students declared without fear or favour that, the only feelings they had for sausages were based on their hunger instincts. To these girls, it was not about those silly details suggested by MUBS and MUK girls, it was about the fact that one could get to taste some modern snack after suffering with fried cassava back in the village.

And to summarize the findings: “Sausages give Ugandan girls two things at ago. A good “taste in the mouth” and a good “feeling in the hand”.

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