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SEYA complains: “Goodlyfe went to US for betting, yet we have our bet companies here.”



BET Awards

BET Awards

The chairman of the Buffalo Association of Uganda, Nasser Ntege Ssebagala aka Seya is not happy with the Goodlyfe boys and their behaviour. Seya’s anger arose from the news headlines he read that said: “Goodlyfe off for BET awards.”

Seya described this as a lack of patriotism. “We yaavu awa own betting companies in city, why them go to abroad to bet, can’t they bet from Kampala?” he asked.

Seya also went ahead to suggest some of the BET companies the Goodlyfe should have gone to, “we yaavu sports betting, we yaavu kagwiraawo…they are veli non patriotism.” Seya who happens to be a presidential advisor had proposed to the president that the Goodlyfe be punished to their acts. “If I was minister of fort-portal, I wuudu nonti yaavu allowed these non -clever acts, zero intoleration to such.”

Well, we now wish to inform SEYA that the Goodlyfe had actually represented Uganda at the Black Entertainment (BET) award ceremony not betting as he thinks. Though they did not win the award, they lifted the flag higher.

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