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Wakazi a.k.a Swagga Bovu performing at BBA Live show this Sunday



Wakazi a.k.a Swagga Bovu

Wakazi a.k.a Swagga Bovu

Wakazi a.k.a Swagga Bovu became a fan of Hip Hop music at a very young age influenced by his older brothers who used to play records in his presence. The love of Music didn’t stop especially after meeting and making new friends with whom he shared the affection for hip hop and there came the Wu Tang era.

He became very popular in school with his performances during concerts. He befriended other youngsters who had a rap crew called ‘The Red Scouts” with members like Black Messenger, Black Moran and Tariq the Rebel. With his neighbourhood pride and support of his crew he started writing his own lyrics.

It was until he moved to Chicago in pursuit of the American Dream, where his love for Hip Hop was rejuvenated. In a short period, the self-proclaimed “Bilingual Beast” has gone from freestyling, recording demos, performing in festivals, opening up for big acts like Ice Prince and 2face Idibia and finally becoming a seasoned performer. He has evolved from a young child in the streets of Dar es Salaam, to a lyrical giant who sees nothing else than Work Ethic and Dedication as being the keys to success. After years of commitment and dedication to his craft, Wakazi is poised to become Tanzania’s leading Ambassador in Africa and in the Music World.

His signature Blend of English and Swahili rhymes caused him to be dubbed the “Bilingual Beast”, but his ability to tell a story and clever use of wordplay and metaphors, seem to be his real Strength. His ability to create context for the listeners is unparalleled, and he credits that to his personal life experiences as well as his imaginative part of the brain, which is sometimes more vivid than life itself.

This Sunday the fans of BBA will have the pleasure of checking this young Tanzanian showcase his talent on stage. We can’t wait.

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