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Ladies of the night targeted for Hindu Kampala take over



nairobiBy Tuhairwe Joab

It’s been rumored that Kampala City is under threat of Indians’ ambition to take it over and our ladies of the night have been lined up to speed up their process.

Over 10,000 male Hindus have been planted in Kampala to fulfill God’s task that he left with man to co create and with other factors remaining constant, these people are willing to do whatever it takes to have babies with them.

This is like we are in a 3D cinema watching a science fiction but if this goes on; it should be one of the events that deserve entering the genesis book of records as it’s widely known that Indians largely hate intermarrying with Africans.

It should be remembered that before the expulsion of Asians that saw Indians who lived in Uganda abandon their belongings on the Field Marshal’s orders to leave in 72 hours; their number was increasingly terrorizing as they could be found in all corners despite being a single color.

Snoops reaching our desk have informed us that this mission code named Kampala takeover is yet to hit the runway and lots of money is being dashed out to people who are willing to be part of it. The purpose of this is still being investigated.

On the other hand, one can’t tell whether their mission will be successful with ladies of the night since they are known to be very vigilant member of our community when it comes to birth control because this affects their business. May be they can be moved by money, probably the color who knows?

Emmy quits record TV for Marriage in The UK
By Tuhairwe Joab

One of the presenters of industrial street based Record TV and an actress with AMACO films, Namugaya Emmy had no option but to quit her juicy job and program that had started taking Ugandans by surprise due to her fastest growing fan base for UK.

She threw in the towels a few days after receiving an invitation from her long time white pensioner to join him in the United Kingdom. “I had no option but to do that. I could not miss out on such an opportunity.” Said Emmy

Emmy was presenting day breaker most evenings and had started adding in flavors that concerned many Ugandans and surely majority will miss her presence in the Industry.

When asked of when she is likely to return, she informed us that it might be 8 year and above if not impossible because her husband has plans of legalizing their relationship from UK and this indicates that she will be a citizen by merit.

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