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Douglas Lwanga’s NTV gig is official



douglasBy Kla Chic. Check out their blog here

Douglas Lwanga’s NTV the Beat show gig is official as we ‘speak’ and he is set to make his first show on Monday 8th July at 5:00pm. The one and a half hour show is set to run in a daily unique and hot themes manner with Monday shows being exclusively for requests, Tuesdays will premier new videos, audios, new artists and everything fresh and Wednesdays…wait for it…will feature live Skype streams with both international and Ugandan artists in diaspora. Countdowns will run Thursdays and the week will conclude with a meet and greet of all top artists in one on one interviews.
When it comes to the fashion bit of it, Abryanz collection, an urban fashion store, will hand pick and put together all of Douglas’ outfits for the show. Considering that he is already a fashionable gentleman we cannot even begin to image what Douglas’ outfits will be like.

Below is his public statement.

“In 2010 i got on your screen, you believed in me and gave me a chance and an audience. I never thought id make it this far.Together we started this journey,lots of trials ,awards ,but you stil believed id make it.i have never told you why i left after working there for over 7 years but i guess i needed to get to another step in life. Regardless i thank my former employer for giving me a chance to play the TV game.I did my best and ill always be grateful..Well its been 3months of silence,lots of questions,speculations but now its time we start a new chapter.I want to salute the real friends,Fans,and Family who stick with you whether your on TV/not.Foreal some dreams come true,and am humbled being part of Uganda’s most respected TV brand doing what i love to do.Now its time we step up the game.The promo is on air the dates have been fixed stamped and sealed,yep this is it.Mark Monday 8th July as we premier the BEAT on NTV.Make date with me every evening Mon -Fri 5-6:30pm.Hope to c u in the front seat of the show via DSTV/GOTV/STARTTIMES/ONLINE.Make sure u join the conversation via facebook NTV THE BEAT click and like our page.I Tell you television just got better.IF ITS NOT NTV oba its watttttt????….nange simanyi….nwai dont settle for less c u monday.BLESS”

This confirms several rumors which have been circling for months now. Though the real reason behind his Record TV departure remain hanging but that is old news for now we are looking forward to his first The Beat show!

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