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Video: Karitas Karisimbi walks away from live show after co-host bullies her



By Reporter

Drama erupted at the Kamwokya based Media Plaza and precisely on NXT Radio when a radio show ended earlier than usual in what the listeners called an act of bullying. Ronnie MacVex who was on his usual show with Karitas in a heated topic today used his co-cost as an example, something Karitas did not take lightly.

While Karitas urgued that it was not conclusive to call someone ugly, and that one man’s meat can be another’s poison, Ronnie thought there was room where everybody could agree someone was ugly. In an example, Ronnie said for “For example I could say Karitas made hair those ladies on Mizigo love” Karitas did not take this easy and walked from the show.

While the pair is known for not always moving along, today’s incident also confirmed the on going rift.

Some views and listeners have sided with Karitas and women activists have been fast to chip in with their emancipation card. Nxt Radio will try tp cover this up but the show may see one of the two walk away.

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