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Hajji Haruna Mubiru Stuck In Domestic Violence Accusations



By BigEyeUg Team; Kream Production CEO Hajji Haruna Mubiru is drowning in deep waters after being landed into domestic accusations by fellow singer, at the same time girlfriend Kemirembe Sarah aka Kemi Sera.

According to Kemi Sera, she was blindfolded by the extreme intimacy that Hajji Haruna bathed her during their relationship infant stages not until when everything overturned over out of the blue.

The ‘Malala’ singer reveals that Haruna acts inflicted deep pain on her as it prompted her to resort to alcoholism, something she had never opted for in her entire life.

Women are like babies; its easy to lie to us. When a man says he loves you, you see like you have reached, you can’t even think about the time of breakup. Haruna used to beat me up, he used to accuse me for sleeping with other men, made up many fake stories about me, he hurt me a lot and it even pushed me into drinking alcohol,” Kemi said.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru and Kemi Sera

She is also worried of Haruna’s status of being older, popular, rich and more established than her because this might cover up her reality story from public attention and help if any.

 “I have been Hajji Haruna’s wife but not anymore, just know I started that relationship with someone who is much older, popular, rich and established than me, so I had to fight a lot for myself.” she adds.

Sera thinks maybe Haruna’s decision to dump her might have been made after her getting an accident that got her badly injured in her entire body.

He dumped me when I got an accident, I don’t know, maybe he saw that I wasn’t looking beautiful anymore or my face wasn’t that appealing. I really don’t know,” she further states.

Kemi Sera’s sustained injuries after nasty accident.

Kemi is in line of female celebrities such as Anita Da Diva, Weasel’s girl-friend Talia Kassim among others that are good victims of domestic violence.

Apparently, Kemi Sera is seeking for help from prominent herbalist Maama Fiina after accumulating rent arrears that may lead her from being evicted from her house.

The two have often denied having an affair until now when Kemi Sera is accusing her former music boss of brutalizing their bedroom matters.

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