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BET Awards

BET Awards

Moses Abeka

Weasel refuses to change clothes since BET awards ceremony!

”Leave me alone! Nelly touched this shirt!” he barked.

Landlord texts BEBE COOL
Landlord:”have you felt the earthquake? Is my house safe?”
BEBE replies:” I got no time to play no games/ tomalira budde!!! gagamel 4 ever!”

Straka attributes weight loss to earthquake.
” This musisi has done to me what Ceasar and Gravity have failed! I lost a kilo!”

Bad Black curses earthquake.
”This Musisi has broken my tertiary virginity!”

Jeniffer Musisi Reveals why she banned posters.
”Some faces on those poster were very scary! Can you imagine waking up to a smiling Gravity Omutujju poster? Thats mental torture!”

Disclaimer: The above are fictitious. Its up to the reader to cause FRICTION.

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