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Potential to impact, Bishop Arnold Muwonge readys finalists in First inter University dinner



By Stuart G-Khast

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Unlike the other speakers , Bishop Muwonge did not preach to the finalists from the bible but rather equiped them with usual life skills and motivated them to a better life after University. “Everyone starts from scratch but not everyone keeps scratching” Bishop Arnold Muwonge encouraged finalists to not be afraid to start from scratch but also taught that to keep scratching and finding own need is a quality they need to attach to self as they walk out of their respective Universities.

Inter-University dinner is an event that gathers university and other institution christian finalists gather to listen to the gospel and life hack tactics from glorious men and women of God to prepare them for the world outside school. This year’s dinner was organized by pastor Isaac Senyonjo of YRM

Bp. Arnold Muwonge is the leader of NDE Network that is situated in Wakiso in Uganda and the UK. He is also the proprietor of Destiny Bridge and Stride academy schools also in Wakiso

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