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Miss Teen rocks St Josephs Nsambya Secondary School




by Joab Tuhairwe

St Josephs SS was recently rocked by Mirinda ongoing miss teens contest that is curently running throughout Uganda. Their play ground was filled to capacity with students from both Primary and Secondary to witness the crowing of Miss teens, Miss brainy, Miss entrepreneur and Fashionista.
Many items were show cased including modeling, dancing, miming, rapping and acting on stage where some miss teens contestants preferred acting as their way of releasing their fun side as per Mirinda tagline as they responded a task from the judges.

As the day progressed, some of the best Uganda comedians, Dolibondo and Bright Onak Graced the event by cracking students ribs with their selected jokes that would suite students environment. It was at around 6pm during sunset that the best of the best emerged and was crowned miss teens St Josephs amidst a lot of thundering ovation from her fans. “She is a charming, humble and interesting character”, said Tinah Amigo form 5 after Ahebwa Patience was crowned.

Rachael Ntale then sang her popular “nkubukinze” song followed by Uganda’s finest hip hop artist Navio who summed up the event. Unlike other artist on such events who sing one or two songs and run off the stage, Navio threw down almost all the songs he has ever recorded as students kept on requesting one after the other. His bouncer kept on controlling the overwhelming crowd of students who wanted to have a feel of his body as many kept pulling his designer red shirt and blue jeans that he was donned in.

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