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Kampala’s TOP 10 Hottest Men



By Gloria Drizzy.

They have made a name for themselves in Music, sports, fashion, the cooperate world and have still managed to do it all while still looking sexy. The names weren’t picked randomly or with any questionable taste, but suggested to me through several surveys. So this is your list of the hottest guys in Kampala. Do Not Kill The Messenger.

Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya

10. Josh Mwesigwa The Fixer
Very few of you know about him but we couldn’t leave. Josh off the list. The CEO Torque productions is behind the production of music videos like GNL’s Ensi and filming of Urban TV’s Jump Off. He traces his sexiness way back in the early 2000s when he was a member of the exposure dance group. Josh will look sexy in any thing he puts on from a sack to a suits. The charming looks and neat dread locks accompanied with an amazing body push Him to spot NO. 10

9. Gareth Onyango
The name may not ring a bell but the face will help. The former PRO at club Rouge that crossed to Venom a few months ago. Gareth got a great sense of humor and yes he is not only hot but adorable, for those of you that have been to the Friday Night Lights games can testify that he is also a good sports man. A nice body and style of dress gives him spot NO. 9

8. John Segawa
Well known city cassanova John Segawa has been quite of recent but he still manages to crawl to spot. NO.8. An actor, stage manager and director at Afro- talent. John has managed to get enough fame atleast from the ladies. The dread wearing hunk has been linked to a number of females around town. He is a classy gentleman when it comes to the way he dresses and definitely a ladies item

7. David Obua
What’s sexier than a football star with a fairly fat account and handsome personality?? He hasn’t been around Uganda’s Football for a long time now but that doesn’t stop David from hitting spot 7. I hate using the word Swagg but allow bring it here.. David is one of the classy footballers I know his collection ranges from designer clothes and he knows what to put on when.. His trade mark smile and nice body looks make him irresistible in the ladies world.

6. Roger Mugisha
Roger came to the lime light during the days of shadows angels. He has been around the media house for quite a long time now. The presenter of D’Mighty breakfast show on KFM is blessed with the looks and has a sense of style when it comes to his wardrobe, he adds a great sense of humor to this and this makes all the girls wanna say I DO.. Sorry ladies he already belongs to Imani Karungi

5. Isaac Lugudde LK4

Even before He made it to the Big Brother House the. 28year old hunky professional basket ball player was still a hot item both on and off court and still managed to crawl into ladies hearts like a thief in the night. Unarguably one of Uganda’s sexiest sports men, a blend of 136 pounds of muscle, tattoo complexion, a little fame and trade mark smile throws LK4 at spot 10.

gareth Onyango

Club Venom’s Gareth Onyango

4. Kim Swagga
Kim is an amazing designer, does every thing from Women’s wear to Men’s wear. So you already know that His style will always be
on point. He also got great looks. The dread locked hunk has a true definition of what a woman craves for.. Tall, dark and handsome. The soft spoken model comes up at NO.4

3. Nsubuga Dean

Hellen’s smile whenever she is with him tells it all, he scoops the number 3 spot because of his looks, gentleness and so many other things, that, like I said, Hellens smile reveals.

2. Navio
Let Me introduce you to the real deal. The sound of the name sends sparks down the spines of Ugandan Ladies. Where do I start? Ok Navio is sexy, handsome and the country’s most respected in the Rap industry. He has all it takes to earn the title sexy. From his trade mark corn rows, the low profile he keeps makes him seal the NO. 2

1. Maurice Kirya
My oh My.. Mention the name Kirya and you have the ladies attention. Maurice’s sexy status goes beyond Uganda and his popularity extends to East, Central and South Africa. If you doubt this then take time and attend one of his concerts.. The Mwoyo singer and one of the country’s best guitarists adds the title of best vocalist and of course one of the most handsome characters we have in the entertainment industry. With no fear or favor I place MK at NO.1

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