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Jazzville Bugolobi To Host Benezeri Album Release Party




By Salim Segawa 

Arguably, Benezeri is the most determined young rapper that I have identified. Just weeks after the release of his album lead single ‘Blest’ featuring Essie, the 19year old surprised his fans when he announced his album release party. Isn’t that good news?

The “Girls from Kampala” rapper recently announced that before the official album release date, fans will be able to listen to all the songs on his new music project.

As he’s busy trying to get the album completed by 11th July, Benezeri is working determinedly to provide his fans the best on 10th July at Jazz Ville Bugolobi, where the release party will be held.

Ever since his debut in the music industry, Benezeri has shown exuberant persona on every project. His singles have been a gospel for his work.

Early this year, he released his debut mixtape ‘Fighting Spirits’ that received a positive feedback from several fans and artistes.

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