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Zari Deactivates Facebook Account, Accepts Sharon O as Co-Wife



zariBy Ian Ortega

Zari is finally practicing what Islam teaches about marriage, she has finally given in and accepted to have Sharon O as her co-wife. According to Social Media snooper, here’s what transpired:

“In another twist,I have been informed promoter David Wango,the one who took Desire Luzinda to perform in South Africa was Zari´s first husband before hooking up with Luzinda,when Zari left wango she went to one guy calling himself Ninassente and this is where Ivan snatched her. In another development, A meeting was held on wednesday nite btn Ivan, King and Zari and Zari’s mom.Zari apologized for what she has been doing and vowed to stay with Ivan for ever. Ivan told her to deactivate the facebook account which she did. She embraced Sharon O as a co wife but asked to be consulted in all big decisions in the family matters. Ivan promised her that her life and that of her kids will not change at all by saying that he has enough money even to look after 10 wives. Zari being a moslem also foned Sharon and apologised to her, welcomed her in the family and asked her to be always respected as the older wife…..Maaso ku lutimbe.”

Zari and Sharon O are now working hand-in-hand to organize an official introduction of Ivan into Sharon O’s family. By the time we came online, Zari had succeeded in deactivating her official Facebook account and it’s believed she may go ahead to permanently delete it.

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