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Is Rema The Ugandan Whitney Houston



Many thought it was a gamble at success when together with Bebe Cool, she released ‘Cease and Sickle’ a song that made a super mark on the Ugandan airwaves. In fact, few people even realized that she was one of the voices behind the Sambagala hit collabo by Bebe Cool and Halima Namakula.

To the un-observant, un-keen followers of the Ugandan music scene, they think she’s new to the industry. But to musical analysts, it was just the time for Rema to prove her lyrical prowess. With ‘atuuse’ promising to be a hit song like ‘Oli Wange’, critics can write her out of the one hit wonders that Uganda always offers.

Halima Namakula is a guardian to Rema and helped identify her in the first place. To further augment Halima’s authority over her, Rema was barred from singing about love until she was 18. Yet Bebe Cool on the other hand has been a father. Bebe Cool would pick up Rema from School so that she could sing at his concerts and later drop her back.

But Rema does not let success get to her head. She cuts the image of a humble lady who does not forget her roots. Even when she was linked emotionally to Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo, she did not react. She kept her calm and composure. At Kyambogo University, she is like any other normal student. Not the flamboyant, braggadocios type, Rema pursues her degree in Administrative and secretarial studies with one heart. Even her lecturers commend her for putting in her all. “You can never see her receiving a phone call in class, I think her phone is switched off while she’s in lectures,” comments a lecturer.

For the Gagamel member, they musical sky is not even the limit, give her two or three more hits and she will be acknowledged as the Whitney Houston of Uganda. All we can say is that Rema has Atuuse-she has arrived, ready to display her talent at its best.

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