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Shout outs to all my folks out there who are relating. You are way better off than single peeps like me who are still in the world looking for answers that are seemingly playing hide and seek. That’s one great job you are doing there; salute. But as usual am here so that I can give us reason to rub our eyes and make our vision clearer. Have you ever pondered on what your relationship is built upon? Oh yeah I can see you frowning but am just getting started. So ladies and gentlemen let’s look at the content.
Money. Ladies, y’all want a man who is going to pick you up in an expensive car, drive you to the uptown mall for shopping, take you to the best hangout in town and then finally retire to his fully furnished apartment. Well wanting these things is not bad, but what kind of personality has these wants imparted in them? Most definitely you went out for the rich guy-the guy with the dimes. I have no idea what state your relationship is in but if you come to think of it. Your relationship would be no more if the money was to be taken out of the equation. One thing that is for sure is that money will never be enough and you gotta come to terms with that. If you make money the center of attraction in a relationship, then if things come crumbling down, you’ll be the first one to run away.
Family. I used to think that certain things only happened in movies and never in real life. But trust this world; it’s always got something new to teach us every day. Most of us have that one family that is so close to our family. Last time I checked we used to call them family friends. And then they have these kids whom we became so found of and before you know it, whole depth of the chemistry but in the long run, even after separation for some years, we get to meet these childhood crushes and try to revive what we had. If the chemistry is perfect, damn you can make a wonderful couple. But certainly some of you are ‘forced’ to get into these relationships for the sake of keeping your families friendly even when you don’t like it. Remember the relationship is yours as a person. You are not dating someone for your family. You are now grown up; you have decisions to make and a life to live.
Physical Attraction. Like I have always said, the eyes are such big liars. Are you in a relationship where your broad chest, nice boobs, nice eyes, oh firm tight ass are the only compliments they ever give? I am not saying that complimenting someone’s body is bad. When it’s the only ‘good thing’ your partner sees about you, then you better have questions. This person is dating you for who you truly are. It’s like watching a boring TV show on a Samsung surge safe LCD TV; as in the machine is awesome but certainly what is showing isn’t necessarily appealing. So bringing this to relating, someone can definitely like your 5-star body without liking the person inside you. Watch out.
Sex. Sex is a huge topic which would require me a whole article to bring out. But for now I’ll stick to the basics. Most of the youth do believe that a relationship is all about getting laid and showing off to peers. But that’s not it people. Sex is like doing drugs; once you cross the line, going back comes at a huge cost. Not only does it affect it you physically, but also psychologically. You see the whole aim of dating is to get that one person whom you can spend the rest of your life with. Meaning you definitely have to date a number of wrong guys before the right one comes. Rejection is part of the game! But breaking a relationship based on sex causes the most traumatic heartbreak. Sex goes beyond being a mere thing you for fun to building a bond between you two. So since you are still dating and you are not yet sure of tomorrow, keep it at bay. It’s a hard decision but it has to be made anyway. I will certainly have a lot to talk about this next time but for now, take a hint.
Love. Like the good book says, “…and some seeds fell on the fertile ground, and brought forth fruit. Some sixtyfold, others thirty fold.” There are those relationships which are built out of the right material; material that can never be corrupted or pirated. Despite how crazy the world gets, true love does exist, and you can find it. Love doesn’t ask why, love waits, love doesn’t hide, and even when the storm gets so turbulent, love never fails. All these things above (money, sex, attraction, etc.) are undoubtedly important in a relationship. But with love, all these things can find you without looking for them. Love is the most important of all. Those who have found it know better. And if love finds you today, don’t fight it because you could be fighting off your redemption. If your relationship is based on love, then all these things mentioned here are not lacking in your relationship.

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