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High school kadanke rocks Kisubi Mapera



By Tuhairwe Joab

High School kadanke in their tour of schools across Uganda yesterday on Sunday 16th rocked Kisubi Mapera high school in search for the school’s representative the in the forthcoming grand final come next month.

Students at Mapera took part in several competition categories that were available to them that included dancing competitions, modeling and singing. Prizes like t-shirts, go TV decoders and hampers were being given out to the top single or group performers of the day.

Some of Uganda’s top musicians that graced the event include Shiba Karungi, Brendah Nambi accompanied by Uganda’s only Channel O brand musician Keko. Ray Signature and Dan Flavor also thrilled the massive audience by the students. However what annoyed most of the students is when their favorite Keko refused to perform and only opted for applauding her friends i.e. Shiba and Brenda and then she got off the stage. “I thought she was going to perform for us, what was she doing, showing off?” said one angry student

During Shiba’s performance, Keko could not stomach the disappointment and she, out of a blue jumped onto the stage even before anybody knew that she was around separating Shiba and the boy she was dancing with. The reason for this was not clearly established but it was rumored that some male student jumped on stage when Karungi was performing and squeezed her from behind.

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