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Miss Teens Mbale attracts an overwhelming crowd



By Tuhairwe Joab

It was a crowd comprising of students, kids and villager with a trun up of over 1500 people turning up for this event at Mbale progressive approximately a mile away from Mbale town.

Over 15 schools registered for the competition despite that the overall winner being one. They include, the hosts, Mbale progressive, Mbale comprehensive, Nkoma SS, Oxford High School, Tororo Progressive, Rock Highs school, Wanale High, Manafa High, Mbale parents, to mention but a few.

Unlike other schools, most students, despite attending in big numbers seemed not ready to have fun as the MC of the day Talha of UBC kept on calling them near the stage but in vain.

As the case has been at other schools, there were performances however much it seemed hard for these musicians to raise the mood of the students reaching an extent of calling Mun G off the stage that he was boring them. Swangz Avenue’s Vamposs who arrived half way the event proved too much on a hurry and forced his way onto the stage before it was his time by intimidating everybody back stage. “I will grab the mic and go on stage if you don’t announce me now”said Vamposs. Talha had no option but to consult his bosses to allow him perform. His applause could be equated with his surprise performance as he constantly forced students to dance to his tunes.

As the event summed up, popular Kampala comedian Afande Kelekele raised the mood of the event when he cracked his jokes from the point he came on stage till the end as students applauded him. This was during the time judges were tallying the results of the competition.

At the end of it all, Awori Patricia from Oxford H/S managed to beat over 30 competitors to be crowned Miss Teens Mbale region. She was extremely happy which forced tears to form in her eyes. Awori will be representing her school at the grand final come 31st August.


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