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The Book of Kirya, the journey of a man and his guitar. The full story.



Moses Abeka

When at the top many forget the the tears, pains, hunger pangs and bruises you encountered when climbing the ladder. Like every success story, the Book of Kirya, his album CD gaining online sales on i Tunes and in stores, was a chapter not opened overnight.

In a radio interview, he eulogies his music journey saying he is having the proverbial last laugh.

Maurice Kirya’s delicate and unique blend of soul, afro and R&B which he prefers to call Fusion soul or “mwooyo” in local speak, is a recipe perfected under unfamiliar conditions not treaded or experimented before. On Thursday night we witness ” Kirya live 2013″, the legacy of a man and his guitar.


In an interview with Moses Serugo, one of Kampala’s top arts and entertainment scribes, the “Angel” singer speaks of the rough days when he walked around pubs with a guitar looking for gigs. They labelled him “kadongo kamu man.”

Described as a perfectionist by some band colleges, Maurice started singing professionally at the age of 15 being introduced to the art of singing by his mother. Coming from a music family helped him pursue a passion that has grown to earn him international awards, international cable TV interviews and sharing stage with multi Grammy award winning Jonathan Butler and the legendary Mousa Molla

Thursday night at Serena, he makes his imprint in indelible ink. Entrance is 50k.

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