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Here is a Phone app that could replace contraceptive pill



app1An entrepreneur has claimed that her new app could replace the contraceptive pill, and even warn women when to expect premenstrual tension.

Company owner Ida Tin, 34, said that she wants to change the family planning industry and that there has been no innovation since the invention of the Pill 60 years ago.

The free iPhone app, called Clue, tracks the user’s menstrual cycle and can predict the times they can have sex without the risk of getting pregnant.

According to Daily Mail, it can also be used for women trying for a baby because the app tells them when they are most fertile and when the chances of getting pregnant are at their highest.

‘I want to change the family planning industry, we haven’t had any innovation in this space since the pill came out 60 years ago,’ said Ida Tin, the company’s 34-year-old co-founder.

‘Our ultimate aim is to replace the birth control pill, or at least give an alternative.’

The app allows women to enter details about their mood, pain levels and other factors, and over time, the app learns their cycle and can predict their fertility.

‘This gives women a very accurate idea of when they will, and won’t, get pregnant.

‘We want to take women by the hand from their first period to menopause.

‘Period tracking apps are very popular, but the maths behind a lot of them is flawed, and it’s shocking how low the quality is.

‘What I’ve found is that women want to know what’s going on, they want to know if they are normal.

‘We want to give women the answers to these questions, we wanted to build something scientifically sound that learns from the user.’

Clue can also help a woman avoid getting pregnant.

The app is the first in a series of products from the company, and it is working on a hardware gadget to make the app even more accurate.

However, Tin was keen to play down using the app as a contraceptive aid for the time being and recommended people wait for the hardware version to make it more accurate.

‘Hundreds of women around the world have already tested the app, including designers from Apple, Frog, and IDEO,’ said Mike LaVigne, former creative director at Frog Design in San Francisco, and now head of user experience at Clue, which is based in Berlin.

The app was revealed at the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco.

-Daily Mail

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Silver Dreams: A new women’s clothing store opens in Kampala



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The ever-vibrant Kampala Fashion scene continues to attract new players, with the latest entrant on the scene being Silver Dreams, a women’s fashion store.

The fashion store was officially opened on Friday evening at a cocktail event hosted at their premises on Cham Towers along Kampala road.

Speaking during the ceremony, Florence Silver, the store proprietor said that the store is on a mission to bring their customer’s fashion dreams to life, while also making the shopping experience more convenient for them.

“Our goal is to bring elegance closer to you at affordable prices,” she started. “Whether you want to stand out or want something specific for your special occasion, we can make it happen. Even if it is something you have seen online, we can get it for you.”

Located on the ground floor of the shopping complex, the store deals in women’s clothing, makeup and handbags. The store will also be taking special orders for customers who want any items delivered from the UK to Uganda.

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Swarm Summit and Tech Expo returns this year, slated for 22nd – 23rd November



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Hive Colab has partnered with ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAU) and will this years hold another edition of the Swarm summit. This year’s exhibition will be at UMA show ground between 22nd to 23rd Nov. 2019.

This year’s exhibition will be themed “Celebrating Uganda’s Digital Transformation”. The Swarm summit and Tech Expo is aimed at recognizing the different levels of development of Uganda’s digital landscape, showcasing the different entities working to create a harmonious tech ecosystem in the country.

“From its humble beginnings as the first tech hub almost 10 years ago, Hive Colab has supported the entrepreneurial spirit of Uganda’s in technology. Three years ago we launched the annual Swarm Summit to provide a stage where Uganda’s digital entrepreneurs could share their innovations and their stories,” said TMS Ruge; Co-founder and Director, Hive Colab. “This year, we’re thrilled to expand on that spirit with a partnership with ICTAU to launch this year’s Swarm Summit and Expo. We’re thrilled to provide a larger stage to showcase the technological innovations shaping Uganda’s digital economy,” he added.

The summit celebrates Uganda’s top business and technology minds building enterprises powering Uganda’s emerging digital economy.The Expo is open for the public to attend. To attend or exhibit register here

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Breeze Serenity Saloon and Spa, a perfect one stop serene place for all your body care



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Not so many places around town will have you get all your body services at a one stop. Serenity Saloon and Spa is one of those places that will not need you place to place, the Kimathi based Saloon and Spa has services ranging from makeup, weaving, braids, dreadlocks, massage, pedicure & manicure, facial, body scrub, hair treatment, tattoos and physiotherapy services.

From those that have been at the place, the customer care is excellent and in a conducive and mind relaxing environment that has FREE WIFI. Because we have been there to experience the ambiance, the place is convenient for all classes of people including the working class because it opens through all 24 hours.

While is remains a classy saloon and Spa the charges are relatively friendly. Breeze Serenity Saloon and Spa is located at Kimathi Avenue, Pan African House, next to Kampala Casino.

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