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Bad Black congratulates Meddie upon his release



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Bad Black congratulates Meddie upon his releaseBy Tuhairwe Joab
It not a full moon since Meddie Sentongo who was convicted for allegedly frauding a muzungu with his hubby Black has been set free amidst a huge crowd awaiting, Bad Black came out to congratulate him It should be noted that Black was released a few months ago of bail of 100m.

This came after doctors confirmed that she need breast transplants and this could only be done over sees.This gave the socialite a chance to flee the country where she deemed insecure and it id from this place that she based and sent Meddie Ssentongo congratulatory message for winning a battle of haters.

The information was confirmed by one of her close pals who entrusted us with her information that Black is alive and kicking, in good health revamping her social status. She plans on reuniting with her bubby as soon as possible.

However it’s not known how Meddie could have conceived it that Bad Black was carrying a baby that was neither his nor Muzunguz as she willingly disclose the ex Ugandan International footballer Ssepuya to be the father of her son shortly after her release.
Would Meddie be able to trust her again?

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