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Am also beautiful, Hot 100Fm’s Princess Karma cries out loud.



KarmaMoses Abeka

On the night Stella Nantumbwe was crowned Miss Uganda, several other people walked home with our maiden Bigeye.ug awards, solely nominated and voted for by our readers. For those who missed out, here is a quick highlight. Sharon O walked away with the side dish award, Chamili and Weasel on this rare occasion jointed represented the Majanya Family and wrestled the baby-makers award from the firm clutches of record holder Mc Kats! We witnessed more history as Gravity and Straka made off to their mazongoto with the Upcoming celebrity couple award. Our fans did a great job that night. Clap!Clap! Clap!

Alledgedly on hearing the news Hot 100’s Princess Karma cried out claiming she deserves to be called beautiful! We could not complain because a girl not being called so, in our generation, is akin to leprosy.
She post on social media: ¬†“AM ALSO BEAUTIFUL NO MATTA WHAT THEM SAY!!!”

This triggered our panel to consider her for a suitable category in our awards. However, Sebabi refused to recognise her as one of his royal princesses. So we dropped the name.¬†Fame changes people. Fame attacked Robin Kisti’s vocal cords and changed her accent. It also attacked Jackie Chandiru’s skin and changed the complexion.

If shades dont work, please Princess Karma, beauty is skin deep!

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