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Zuena Becoming a Presenter on NTV




By Ian Ortega

Yesterday during the KFM dance party show, Bebe Cool revealed that Zuena will soon be a presenter of a certain show on NTV making her another of the Nation Media Group employees. According to Bebe Cool, the NTV management saw something unique in Zuena which means she will now be hosting a certain show that will probably deal with trends, family issues and real life stories.

According to our snoops, Zuena may actually be the replacement for Justine Nameere who threw in the towel over certain unspecified issues. Zuena will look out for hurting souls and hear out their stories and comfort them.

Bebe Cool also revealed that Zuena’s business is expanding from a simple pastry to an event’s organizer. She will be renting out tents, cars for the bridal entourage and chairs among others. Bebe Cool revealed that he has always had a plan and thus is always in no rush, he runs his own race.

On the same show, Bebe Cool revealed that his new hit zouk song, the first zouk song he has done, ‘nkwagala’ was done specially for Zuena, a beautiful wife with great manners.

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