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“Kagoma is My Best Bobi Wine Song,” Reveals Bebe Cool




By Ian Ortega

During the KFM dance party show, Mr. ‘big size’ was put on the spot by presenter, Wasike Dilshan Abdu to reveal his top songs as far as the big artistes are concerned.

For Chameleone, Bebe Cool settled for ‘Jamila’, for Goodlyfe, he settled for ‘Zuena’. He revealed that he hated the Goodlyfe so much at that time, and yet they produced a good song about his wife which made him love and hate them in equal measures.

When it came to Bobi Wine, he almost opted out. After Abdu insisting, Bebe Cool settled for Kagoma and ‘Mama Mbire’ which Bobi Wine did with Juliana Kanyomozi. He says, the Goodlyfe almost crossed the Bobi Wine line when they had begun interfering in his family matters which to him, is a very sensitive issue.

Commenting on the Goodlyfe’s BET achievement, he said: “It’s a great thing for the music industry and for them as artistes; they are the first Ugandans to be nominated for such a big award just as I was the first Ugandan to be nominated for the MOBO awards years back.”

However, he insisted that the Goodlyfe are still young to be judged in the same category of Him, Bobi Wine and Chameleone. “They began off the year on a big note, they just need to grow up more and they need to be handled well, but they still have a long way to go.” Unlike other times, Bebe Cool did not hit at any of the artistes, it was a new kind of Bebe Cool who preached more of unity messages than divisive ones.

As far as his best song is concerned, Bebe Cool settled for “Never trust no People” which he did back then as a young man yet the message has turned out to be very fundamental to his life journey. For Dj.Shan, his best Bebe Cool song is ‘Bamugambe’ while Abdu settled for ‘Ndissa Buuti.’


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