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“You Are Fired” Bebe Cool Tells REMA



remaBebe Coolby Ortega Ian

Finally, Rema Namakula heeded to the message in Eddy kenzo’s song-Kyomisinga after Bebe Cool the CEO of Gagamel showed her the exit.

Like the norm is at Gagamel, Bebe Cool always announces expulsions on his Facebook platform where he commands a huge following. Here is how Rema’s expulsion message read:

“I WUD LIKE TO OFFICIALLY ANOUNCE THE DEPARTURE OF REMA NNAMAKULA FROM GAGAMEL TODAY.THE REASONS R three…she got her self a manager out of the group….2 she n her manager and new friends fill she shud launch an album concert and so they sold it without my concent which I disaprove as the one who made her knowing the danger of that n havin had difrent planz…3 as usual there wil alwez be thoz who say they know better than the makers and so a day will alwez come when a child must get on its feet tho it dont mean the baby can run.REMA I WISH U LUCK AND I PRAY ALLAH GUIDES U THRU TO YOUR DREAM.GAGAMEL FOWAAAAAAAAAARD.6th …7th… 8th…. sept cocodiosis album launch.”

However, Bebe Cool referred to the dismissal as a departure which left many wondering whether it was Rema’s decision to quit the Kiwatule based group. According to friends, Rema was heard repeating the exact words Bebe Cool used; “If you can’t change, Rema you are fired.”

To many, Rema had outgrown Gagamel where she’s being replaced by Irene Ntale as we wrote weeks back. “When a bird grows wings, it flies out of its mother’s nest,” said a Rema fanatic. Bebe Cool had preferred that Rema holds a concert sometime next year or after giving full support to the cocodiosis album launch in September. For now, only time will tell if Rema can stand as a solo artiste because artistes from these groups rarely do.

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