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You Won’t Believe What Swangz Did To Calm Irene Ntale!



Irene Ntale

Guys out there, take out your books and pen. Y’all gonna learn today!!

When your prized bae is mad at you, please stop wasting our MBs posting random motivation quotes and Bible verses. Man up and learn new tricks.

We have reliably learnt that unsettled Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale was given an offer too good to reject as reports of her desire to throw in the towel made rounds. The shrewd business heads surely never skipped the lectures on motivation and appraisal.

We have been informed by a reliable source that they handed the “Nzeena nzeena” singer a fully paid trip to Dubai for a week and excess for her shopping. They did this to allow her ease her mind and drift her thoughts away from Winnie Nwagi’s curveous body of a sex goddess.

It is claimed that Irene Ntale was at the brink of leaving Swangz Avenue after she realised that her colleague, Winnie Nwagi was making much more money, enjoying much more love, and making much better music. She was mad that she’s was no longer the darling at Swangz.

When Winnie moved her ass, the entire catalogue of songs at Swangz skipped a beat or two. Irene Ntale found herself at the lower end of the pecking order. She is said to have made her intentions clear after she started to intentionally spend more “me” time at working hours. She would only show up at shows if she “felt-like”.

After the week long trip to the oil rich land of architectural wonder and high tech, Irene Ntale might have finally found her soft spot for her employers.

Let’s see how this goes.

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