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Fabiola and Meddie Are Back In Love.



Anita Fabiola and Meddie SSentongo

Anita Fabiola and Meddie Ssentongo in their happy days.

City bad boy Meddie Ssentongo has lived up to the hype. The loaded young man with wealth from unclear sources is said to be advancing his pension benefits with Anita Fabiola into a fully working relationship.

“It started with drunk texting or something of that kind… catching up with exes on lonely nights. You know that thing, huh! The two now can’t get enough of each other. I guess the time they spent apart made them realise how much they really meant to each other,” a source informed us.

It is rumoured that this hot and cold love affair is the reason Kenyan socialite Huddah is mad at Fabiola for returning for retirement benefits and getting stuck in the pension office. She is said to have been targeting Meddie Ssentongo’s celebrated chaw.

According to Kenyan sources, she feels dwarfed by Zari yet she is striving to be earning East Africa’s most popular socialite following the collapse of Judith Heard- Zari beef.

Meddie – Huddah relationship would be interesting with “Kenya’s biggest bad girl teaching Meddie a few tricks”. However, Fabiola’s light skinned blossom stands in her way and Meddie is loving it. Let’s see how this goes.

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