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Why the accusations against King Saha for copying Mowzey Radio are ridiculous



King Saha


By Bash Mutumba

Right from the time the legendary Mowzey Radio met his tragic and soon death, reports that he had left over 200 unfinished songs in studios all over the country started to spread like a wildfire. That sounds as such an impressive feat, but allegations that King Saha had got access to the music and was bound to release one by one, made him the villain in the eyes of many.

Saha was off the scene for a while, before he returned with a re-do of his old song “I’m on my way”, and his subsequent smash hit “Biri biri” sounded a lot like material done by Mowzey Radio. To further the allegations was the collabo between King Saha and Weasel titled “Mpa Love”; which brought back the Weasel that many had missed for a while. On the calm love ballad, Saha set pace for Weasel to do his macho, dancehall raps; a thing usually done for Weasel by the late Radio during the golden times of their Radio and Weasel dynamic duo.

With the success of “Mpa Love”, you wouldn’t be called gullible to accept the ‘stolen hard disk’ rumor, because the solo songs that Weasel released right after his brother’s death – regardless of the sympathy he enjoyed – didn’t get quarter the attention his duet with King Saha boasted of. But in all this, we shouldn’t forget that Saha hasn’t started singing like this today, and that at some moment he was mentored by Mowzey Radio himself.

During the time when the three of them were under Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island Music Empire, King Saha released “Signal”, a love song that you would think was by Radio if you didn’t know better. Till his death, Mowzey acknowledged Saha as a super talented artist that he mentored, and even though songs like “Bambi” and “Hello Hello” are very reminiscent of Radio, it is totally ridiculous to claim they are by Radio.

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