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We will sue all biased media – Development Channel boss issues warning to media spreading falsehood



Development Channel boss Charles Lambart has come out strongly and condemned mesia and journalists who according to him are dedicated to turnishing his name and killing his company and Business Development channel. In a statement issued today Charles Lambart has made it clear that he will be dragging one media house to court tomorrow for their previous damaging publications.

He has stated “As a journalist, you are not above the law. Tomorrow we are filing a case at the police for cyber bullying and harassment and we will follow up aggressively through to the courts. If you have reports such as calling us a fraud on your website, saying we are a ponzie scheme or saying that a warrant of arrest has been issued by the court against our directors when none of that is the case either with the DPP or the court, be most certain that we will open a case against you tomorrow if by 6pm today 2nd July 2019, it has not been deleted. Our brand, business, employees, stakeholders, suppliers and various others have been grossly affected by the most irresponsible type of journalism ever seen and we are now totally committed to fighting back since all forms of diplomacy has failed.

We will no longer sit back and watch any more of these harrassments, extortion, defamation and blackmail which continues to affect our export focussed organization in millions of dollars. A word is enough for the wise.”

“Vision Group, Nation, Red Pepper, and all blogs are subject to warning” the comoany cited.

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