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Video Review: Nzijukira by Ekky





I love good music. I love Afro-Pop especially when it has that eccentric but tranquil feel. Melodic but light. That is just how Ekky’s new nzijukira music video is. The location of the shoot is right on with the song’s theme, Nnzijukira.

Shot by Josh The Fixer of Raising The Bar, the video leaps off with two young love birds seemingly Ekky with her long time childhood love. The script was well thought out as the two play along to give a perfect romance that springs right from childhood and nurtured right through teenage flings to adult. That’s when the storyboard fades from high school days, softly into the beach scenes.

Purely heavenly as Ekky and her supporting act are clad in all-white playing about by the lake shores. I love the way the producer plays with the camera angles to capture a wide dimension of the picture. The colour tints and visual effects were polite and smooth giving a more realistic concept.

I certainly have a good feeling Ekky is definitely going to be another of Uganda’s greatest music exports. No doubt. Nizijukira is great video for an already great song.

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