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Signs that she is in LOVE



Love1The way the woman’s mind works is far different form the man. A woman slips into loved, like when a child slips and falls on a wet ground. What am i saying; women fall in love gradually with no rush.
The mature ones never fall at what they see, rather at what you the man do and say. A woman easily gets tired of a man that never compliments his sweet and moving words with actions. Though the signs maybe subtle, but they are always there for the sensitive mind to pick.

1- The first sign, is her body language, every part of her says it loud. Right from her eyes, down to her feet. There is always this unusual glow in her eyes when you are around her. She maybe in a very bad mood, but when you are there everything just changes. You will feel the air of joy oozing out from her, no sensitive man can miss that, because it is so strong. She may not say the words but everything around her is shouting it.

A man most times find it very easy to say “I LOVE YOU” without blinking even when he means it not, but the woman takes her time to say it, because when she says it, she totally means it.
Watch out for that glow in her eyes, be sensitive to pick those non-verbal signs, watch out for the giggles, blushes and the gaze of love. If you can’t find any of these signs, probably she hasn’t fallen in love with you yet.

2- She communicates more, instead of just talking. A girl in love is ready to communicate, because communication to her is the time to connect more with you. She is ready to talk about very personal things. Things like, her past relationship, her feelings, her pain, her vision, her fears, aspirations and so on.
At this point she shuts out the rest of the world, she only wants to be with you and communicate nothing physical at this point.
You just discover that your company kind of bring out something extra out of her. At this stage she is willing to take you by the hand into her world, this is a huge sign that she has actually fallen in love.

3- She starts doing things that she normally would not do, like going out with you to watch a football game, even though she hates football, she is willing to say am sorry, even when she is not at fault. You just discover that she does crazy and unbelievable things, things that she normally would not do. Like if she shouts at people and she rarely shouts at you, they say she is stingy but she gives you things easily, then that is a sign. Sorry to say this, but a girl in love most times is not in her right frame of mind, it is not a weakness but the mysterious work of nature. When she is in love, there is no going back.

4- She calls you as frequently and often has you do. When i say call, i don’t mean that 1min call, i mean the one that can run down the battery of your phone. You begin to wonder if she was working with a telecommunication company, because she calls you at will, without asking you for airtime or something.

5- Another important sign is she seldom asks you for money, except in extreme cases. Though she would appreciate it if you get her something, but she rarely asks, and she doesn’t give you a monetary or material condition before she visits you, call you or go out with you.

6- She is eager to introduce you to her siblings, friends, colleques and family. For a girl to make you meet her family, then her heart is yours already. It speaks volume.

7- A girl in love will definitely get you a gift, it may sound outside the norm in this part of the world, but that is the fact of the matter. It shows that she is loving you already, because that is the major reason a girl will take her money and buy you a gift. Come to think of it, she has offers from so many guys; they are willing to buy her things, how come she chose to buy you something. That says something.

8- Romance and sex is the final and last sign that she shows to you that makes you know that she really loves you. A girl rarely engages in “ROMANCE AND SEX”, if her emotions is not involved, except a” commercial sex worker”, a “gold digger”, or a “fun seeker”. For her to give you her body, it most times means she loves she loves you and wants only you to feel her body. Some due to their strong belief and discipline suppress this part of their feelings, so in case she doesn’t allow sex, that may not necessarily mean she doesn’t love you.

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