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Tycoon Don Mugabi Anthony comes to Evelyn Lagu aid with 2 million shillings



By Reporter

Turkey based Ugandan money bag Don Anthony Mugabi did not let singer Evelyn Lagu cry for help in vain. Even though he was not on the country he sent his team led by Selector Rizzon to visit and bring aid to her. Evelyn Lagu has been bed ridden for 5 months with a strange illness.

During this hard time, Lagu has been undergoing special medication from Germany but she almost succumbed to the bills as she could hardly afford them.

Because of this, she openly sought for help from friends and well wishers and Turkey based tycoon Don Mugabi Anthony has donated UGX 2 millions to cater for her bills.

Don Mugabi is currently in Turkey sent his team to deliver the money at Evelyn Lagu’s home in Zzana.

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