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Twitter Usage Depends on Mobile Experience



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There’s no doubt that mobile is a huge space for social media. Over the past several years, Internet usage has largely moved from the web to smartphones and tablets, increasing the need for social networks to adapt to mobile.

Twitter and Facebook have catered to users by creating more intuitive user interfaces, both with apps and mobile web. However, according to Nielsen’s new U.S. Digital Consumer Report, the average Twitter mobile user uses the smartphone app for a little more than three hours per month, as opposed to PC users, who spend 36 minutes on the platform per month. That’s a higher percentage than Facebook, whose average mobile user uses the smartphone app nearly eight hours per month, compared to PC users spending six hours per month on the social network.

Created by Statista, the following chart shows how users are using the two social media sites, and for how long. Even though Facebook users spend more time on the platform, Twitter’s smartphone app is getting more mileage in the long run.

Twitter and Facebook Mobile Chart

Source: Mashable


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