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Bebe Cool uses Drones in new video shoot.



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By Stuart G-khast

For most of us who may not know what a drone is, in this regard, it is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It’s a remotely controlled aircraft with it’s pilot on the ground or in a vehicle. They are mostly used in military operations but civilians can as well use them say in cases of fire fighting or real estate photography for high buildings, a cheaper option to chartering a helicopter. Drones come in handy for places that are “dull, dirty or dangerous” for manned aircrafts.

Well, now that we all have a rough idea of what a drone is, Singer Bebe Cool has in his latest video shoot for his song “Nkola Byafayo” decided to use the drone to get aerial views of the video scenes. This has caused a lot of excitement for both the singer and his fans. A few people who have been at the scene have told us this could be among the best videos this year, according to their observations.

Meanwhile, among the scenes the singer has used is his unfinished Kiwatule house.


We shall have the video on our music site music.bigeye.ug as soon as its released. Keep posted!


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