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Thadeus Mubiru’s APOLOGY to Iryn Namubiru – Ug256



Photo: Iryn Namubiru

Photo: Iryn Namubiru

I Thadeus Mubiru,manager to Iryn Namubiru,would like to apologise firstly to you Iryn,family,friends,fans and all people that stood with her during her detention at Chiba Perfectural Police in Japan for the prejudice and troubles i caused to her when i knowingly refused to reveal the vital information that could enable her early release.


I would like to make it clear that Iryn Namubiru had no hand in it ,i solely transacted with Kim Tumwesigye Ueno on her behalf from the origin.


I feared for my life and i was so selfish when i lied to you Iryn that i had not gotten anything from Kim Tumwesigye but the fact is that earlier on the 26th April before your departure to Japan during our whatsapp conversation, Kim Tumwesigye offered me USD 500 which he told me not to mention to anybody as a tip or token of appreciation.Maybe this manipulated me and made me persuade you carry him his buggage.Iryn had no idea of what she was carrying to be delivered to Kim Tumwesigye in Japan.


The truth is that on 2nd May,like two hours before Iryn’s departure to Entebbe airport,Kim asked me to tell Iryn carry him his foodstuff to Japan that he was even ready to pay for the extra kilograms just incase and that he was the one supposed to pick her from Narita airport.Infact i have all the whatsapp conversation in my phone which i have already given to the police from the time Iryn arrived at Narita airport on the 3rd May up to four hours after her arrival in Japan at 17:00Hrs to 20:00hrs.I have all the information showing that Kim asked me for a favour to tell Iryn carry him his suit case and two potraits to Japan.


Am ready and available to corporate with both the Uganda Police and Interpol to avail them with all this information to pin Kim Tumwesigye Ueno who was clearly found out by the Japanese authourities as a key suspect and probably help find out who ever was responsible and the real source of the said illegal drugs that led to Iryn’s detention in Japan.


Am extremely sorry to all those that were inconvinienced it was not my intention to cause all this its was just that i was manipulated and that when i learnt that Kim Tumwesigye had jetted in Uganda immediately after Iryn’s detention i feared so much for my life and became so selfish to that extent.


To you Iryn Namubiru in particular,am so sorry you protected me and i abused your trust.


May God bless you all.

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