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Song Review: Story Of My Life – Jay Arc



Jay Arc

Jay Arc

By SALIM Segawa Jay Arc, whose description as an artiste is still iota to many, is no run of the mill artiste that you can look down for. His lyrical sagacity that reflects his reliability beyond his music tenure, sketches him out as one of the promising rappers that Uganda holds. The art of blending his reggae music passion and rap music is inexhaustible.

On a emblematic reggae beat that starts with hi-hats, cymbals and tom snares, Jay Arc starts to rap his love for reggae that blends with walking bass lines, accentuated guitar and piano sounds that rhythmically echo the Rastafarian feeling. Despite his confession for the love of reggae, Jay Arc remains on his rap steelo as he continues to spit conscious rap lines.

‘Story of My Life’ finds Jay Arc capturing a few Snoop Lion fans who love to feel a blend of two genres playing in the ears. With a perfect sound mastering and mixing, ‘Story of My Life’ also magnetizes some of the lovers of absolute good music that doesn’t lack originality. The double skank guitar and cymbals bring the feeling of life and freedom on this trans-genre song.

Sam Lamara finds himself on a project that is tricky but yet he still comes of clean on the whole production. This sound is a reincarnation of what was missing in the music industry, the exploration of different genres.

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