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Song Review: Long Distance by Lil Athian and J.Raccon



lilBy Ian Ortega 

The song is about Long Distance Love, with J.Raccon playing the part of the male lover while Lil Athian plays the part of the female lover.

The song plays for 3 minutes and it’s a fusion of Afro-pop, zouk and some mix of Rhythm and blues. J.Raccon opens up the introductory part in an engaging way, before Lil Athian breaks in with the chorus of the song.

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My only trouble with the song is that the producer failed to account for the two differing voices; Athian’s high pitched honeyed voice and J. Raccon lyrically smooth voice. Because of this, the song ends up having two out of frequency voices.

Because of the lack of alignment, J.Raccon comes off with a crying tone while Lil Athian plays off like a calm baby who’s enthused with love emotions. All the same, it’s a song that plays out wonderfully for the 3 minutes, it’s soothing, but it’s not unique a song and it fails a great deal on the editing and song mastering part. An average trial for starters, the benefit of the doubt is given.


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