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Size 8, From Secular Artiste to Music Artiste (Conversion of Kenya’s Lady Gaga)



By Mike Ssegawa

Size 8. She looks good but I hate her name. It is so old school and too girly. So what is in the name?

Size 8 is one of Nairobi’s music darlings given her eccentric performances and she knows how to flaunt what her mama gave her.

After living her life like a slut and accused of fornication with several men on Nairobi’s social scene, Size 8 earned her respect back by dressing up, getting herself a man and declared a chapter on her sinful life closed.

For an artiste who made a name as the ‘crazy’ girl, one you can baptize Kenya’s Lady Gaga, it was a rocking gossip story on Kenya’s traditional and social media.

Size 8 saved? Every social pundit asked. The bombshell was like hearing Lucifer seeking God’s pardon to gain re-entry into paradise. Well – she was her own person – and she doesn’t shy away from saying who she was and who she is today and where she wants to go. She is still Size 8 though – she didn’t change her name to anything like Magdalene or Angelina.

To prove her new life, Size 8 even composed songs about her conversion. Moto and Mateke – both are now monster hits.

It however emerged last month that Size 8 did not need to get a vision from God like St Paul to turn around her life.

It was a man she met who changed her life. After dating for some time, the duo married in a secret wedding.

The hip artiste met Dj Mo, a famous award winning DJ for Crossover 101 show on NTV Kenya. DJ MO is a celebrity saved man and also the official DJ for Churchill’s Kid Festival. He spins discs across the region for a number of gospel related events.

The couple agreed to marry, on account, Size 8 became born again and started doing gospel music. She obliged. And she is walking her head high – proving her critics wrong.

Size 8’s seeing the light raises a number of questions. One, the extent to which people go in the name of love – the girl was ready to put it off to make her marriage work. She confesses that she didn’t know how her audience would react to the news of her becoming born again – let alone her gospel music finding any success. Apparently – they are even doing better than any song she had done before.

Secondly – will this new face of Size 8 last? It sounds like her getting saved was a husband’s idea and not her genuine feeling. Nairobi’s entertainment fraternity is waiting to see whether the marriage and career stand the test of time.

Size 8 as a secular artiste

Size 8 as a secular Artiste

Size 8 as a Gospel Artsite

Size 8 as a Gospel Artiste

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