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Song Review: Klear Vision [New] – M.A.D.E (LP)



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Listen to song here: LP (@LyrikalProof) – Klear Vision (Prod. by araabMUZIK)


Hailing from a city/town where hip-hop is a culture symbolized by not only ‘the many rap battles held in various hangouts’ but also the remarkable graffiti that covers several long walls on the streets, the Stonetown crooner is no exception as he juggles his way on the rap scene. His demeanor on the rap scene has been experimental ever since his entry. Following LP’s rap footprints, his abode has an epic story to tell.

Ever since his professional debut single ‘Can you hear me?’ in 2007,  LP’s braggadocios lyrical perfection and flow have made him a unique emcee with an art of twisting different concepts on his music projects. Knowing that he’s among the rappers repping his hometown, LP’s gusto and dexterity behind the mic will have the whole nation’s attention. His previous music projects created a wide platform for him to express his lyrical abilities and helped him edge with the existing rap kings. Despite his speck appearance on the recent hip-hop bravura, LP hasn’t lost his ferocity on the mic.

On his new music project “Klear Vision,” LP unifies lyricism and ‘exceptional’ flow to express his music ‘Voyage’ on a heavily AraabMusik crafted hip-hop beat that allows LP to interchange concepts to make it sound serene. “Time to take the title back/ Running outta races bring the Vinly Back/ Looking through the mirror all I see is What I’m aiming at/ The belly of the beast and, snipers on the other line…” Clearly, LP is on this song trying to claim his spot on the rap scene considering that he has not released a major single in a couple of months, something that has lowered his ranking on the popular music sharing site REVERBNATION. Amidst criticism surrounding the 26year old “Kila Siku” rapper, he finds a situation to articulate this preposterous denigration. “…You see him floating through them haters call him Michael Phelps/ Show ’em how to move and yet I ain’t even flip ’em Nikes yet…/”

“Klear Vision’s” sound is a masterpiece that gathers the listener’s attention in every aspect. From its perfect mastering techniques to LP spitting lyrical artillery on every bar, there’s no doubt that if this is the vision that he’s reflecting on this song, he gonna get where he wants to be a very limited span of moment…

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