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BIG BROTHER AFRICA: Drunken Diamonds kiss and confess



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bba 1Just like vampires when the sun goes down the Diamonds come alive.

Now that they have alcohol in the House again the Diamonds are back to their wild ways. At first they took shots in the bedroom and Feza was the main attraction for all the boys they took turns carrying her and holding her down while pouring shots in her mouth.

Oneal’s girl seems back to her lively self now that she is out of the Ruby House. Afterwards the booze laced Housemates played a game of spin the bottle/truth or dare which had no shortage of drunken confessions. Feza admitted that if she wasn’t with Oneal she would be with Melvin. Later the Nigerian planted a little peck on the Tanzanian as part of a dare. But she quickly pushed him away and said that she is going to marry Oneal. But after that she licked a topless Melvin from his head to his navel.

Meanwhile Bimp confessed that if he didn’t have a girlfriend outside of the House then he would have hooked up with Beverly. After that the two shared a little kiss and she gave him a lap dance after being dared by the Housemates. We can’t help wondering whatAngelo would do if he saw Beverly’s getting up close with Bimp because he has said in the past that he is a very jealous man.

Other Housemates that snogged were Annabel and Bassey, afterwards the Kenyan described the kiss as “awkward”. Ouch! It looks like Bassey is not the great kisser that he thought he was. Although Beverly did not seem to complain about the Sierra Leonean when it was her turn to kiss him.

One person Annabel didn’t mind kissing is Melvin. She had a huge smile on her face when it was her turn to play tonsil hockey with the Nigerian. Then Nando gave Dillish a lap dance.

Woo child, what do you think of think of the Diamond’s drunken antics?

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