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Seya starts new radio station



al haj naser ntege ssebagala

By Ian Nkera Ford

You have got to admire former mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebagala aka Seya’s resolve. Just when you always think that he has hit rock bottom, he comes out unscathed and with something new up his sleeves. The English Grammar jury is always out to prosecute him with the media scavenging on anything left of his reputation to make something of a mockery out of him but he will not care one bit.

He will just smile as he crucifies every English syllable there is on offer. Really cool guy. As the dust from the Sylvia Owori and Seya child custody scandal has barely settled, we have learnt that Seya has added something new to his vast businesses; a radio station called Radio Munno. Formerly located in Munyonyo, the radio has been relocated to Bugolobi which also doubles as Seya’s residence. The signal testing is already underway and it will be broadcast on 102.7 FM as a luganda speaking radio station (as if we are surprised!!).

Seya has been on an intense Radio presenter man hunt as he looks to give his new station the edge over the other radios in the business. It’s nice to know that Seya can keep his focus in times of strife. Good luck Seya.


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