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Bebe Cool donates to Oyite Ojok’s widow



bebe-By Ian Nkera Ford

Zuena’s show, Life Stories on NTV uncovers the darkest stories ever told. The weekly show airs the plight, unequivocal pain and suffering of some of the people living in this country. Many have gone through hell and back but have managed to keep the glim of hope and have their stories told. One such person is the widow of the late Ugandan Army Commander Oyite Ojok who reigned during Milton Obote II’s regime.

Her revelations on the show touched many including our very own Bebe Cool who broke down in tears and quickly vowed to help the widowed lady’s family.The gagamel boss came out to say,”Life can be extremely hard. But I am glad my wife and NTV unearth people’s plight. I can’t just sit back and watch this. I am starting a campaign to help this lady and I have started with 1m.”

A big kudos to Bebe Cool and we hope many can come out to help not only the family of the Late Oyite Ojok but also the very many disadvantaged people out there that have been robbed of family and friends in the political strifes that blighted Uganda’s post independence era.


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