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Rihanna Smacks A Fan in the Face With Her Microphone



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Lady Riri showed her ferocious side on Tuesday when she whacked a fan with her microphone during her Birmingham Concert which was part of her ongoing Diamonds Tour.

Rihanna even went ahead to tweet that she was not apologetic for her action because the misbehaving fan had it coming.

It all begun with Rihanna walking from the stage to the fans and greeting them as she lip synched the “We found Love” hit. As she went through the masses, one adoring fan held on to RiRi’s hand for too long.

Unlike Beyonce’s graceful reaction when a fan smacked her booty in Denmark, Rihanna did not warn the fan. She angrily turned and smacked the fan right in the face.

Never mind that Rihanna showed up for the show 2 hours late.


View the video below.


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