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Introducing The Emcee Africa (Formerly known as Taio Tripper)



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He was formerly known as Tiao Tripper of Camp Mulla but he now goes by the title The Emcee Africa after deciding to pursue a solo career.

There have been numerous rumors about whether or not the crew is splitting up and while they all maintain that they are NOT splitting up, more and more of their solo projects keep surfacing like Miss Karun’s ‘Mwana We ft Dora’.

Well he’s also gone solo, choosing to drop his forThee_MC_Africamer name Tripper for ‘The Emcee Africa’ citing it as a representation that his rap will be a lot different from what we are used to and in fact a lot more ‘grown and sexy’.

Most of us (for the most part) regard all the Camp Mulla members as kids as they got into the scene while being teenagers but Mathew (Tiao) is actually about twenty. Does this mean he CAN pull of a more ‘grown’ sound?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. After an interesting one on one on Class 124 with Mwalimu Rachel, Emcee Africa revealed that he’s got projects underway and that while some of those include collaborative projects, he’s also got an actual emcee-ing career on the side.


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