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Rihanna gets so excited she flashes her boobs during world cup final



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How does someone like Rihanna celebrate being at the World Cup final?

By flashing her cleavage, of course.

The pop star got so excited by the Germany’s win, she lifted her top to reveal a tiny leather bra and the tattoo across her ribs.

Then posted on her Instagram account to her 1.064, 303 followers.

The stunning singer also live tweeted the final and had us laughing once again.

It all kicked off when the Pour It Up singer posted three selfies of her covered in Brazil face paint, and we thought she’d be going neutral.

She soon followed them with a seriously HOT snap of her edited into a German flag swimsuit, knelt down on the pitch.

She captioned it: “For my German boys.”

And so began the tweets, and she began by writing: “Klose for 17”, followed by “Argentina’s counter attack is SICK!!!”

Well, she’s staying neutral then – kind of.

The singer then wrote: “Mueller is always in the right position!” and added: “Ahhhhhh T. Ph.”

It’s like watching the whole match all over again.

Of course, then came that all important goal from Mario Gotze, and she wrote: “Super mario baby”, followed by: “Goooooooaaaaallllllll.”

After finishing with: “Super f***ing Mario!!!!!” We all thought it was over, but don’t worry, she still had some thanks to give.

After posting a montage of her beautiful face with the players celebrating below, Rihanna ended with a snap of the pitch from up high and wrote a heartfelt message to Germany.

She tweeted: “Congrats to my German boyz! This was the most epic experience of my entire life! You guys made me so proud to be here.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Source: Mirror

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