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The broadcasting environment is going through changes due to the development of digital technology. The new dawn of digital broadcasting, where sound, video, text and still images can be transmitted in the form of binary digits i.e. ones and zeros. This technology allows for information to be compressed thus saving radio spectrum.  Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) is like Digital satellite, but DTT uses ground based (terrestrial) digital transmitters to distribute the signals to your home.

However, this digitalization will require every TV owner to buy a simple decoder that converts the digital signal to analogue for their TV set. This means every individual will have to incur some extra costs if he still wishes to still watch local television once the migration has been effected and this has been cited as one of the cons of the migration.

Apparently, its not only the individual home owners that seem worried by the migration. Digital Pay TV operators remain concerned as Set Top Boxes (decoders) stay expensive to ordinary Ugandans as the country prepares to transit from analogue to digital migration.

Addressing a media conference in Kampala recently the StarTimes marketing manager Mr Simon Arineitwe, said the government needs to consider a few tax cuts on decoders to make them affordable to the ordinary folks. He said Pay TV operators have had to subsidise the cost of decoders, which in the end impact negatively of the bottom line of such companies.

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