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Kampala Film schools to offer free film classes



By Tuhairwe Joab

As Uganda struggles to uplift its game in the industry of film making, it seems some institutions are starting to appreciate what the future holds for Uganda and have therefore come out to help.

Film and Television (FTV) is one of the highly paid courses in Uganda and schools or universities that offer such courses can also be counted on your fingertips. It is therefore a pleasure that Kampala film school has come out to give back to the society by announcing free film classes.

According to one of the lecturers at the school, they have discovered that many people would love to pursue their careers in film making, acting, directing and so forth but lack the technical know who because they cannot afford to pay for the services and therefore as a social responsibility of the school, they saw it necessary to at least give basic knowledge to some well-wishers, professional actors, starting actors and enthusiasts.

Classes for this category are slated for September 2013 at their premises in Lubaga


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