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Pantyless and Braless Fashion Goes Viral In Uganda



From theme nights in the club to just an ordinary party night out, you are most likely to meet with 95% of the Ugandan girls with no pantys or bras during the night outs.
The pantyless fashion is the new trend to go and the club nights have actually helped it. When Bikini nights came up, they aimed at changing the trends in club fashion. They aimed at destroying the conservative nature of club goers. Thus, if you are to go to any Ugandan club at night, rest assured that 9 out of 10 girls you dance with shall have no knickers, T or G-string to cover their privates.
The braless fashion has on the other hand been fronted by girls who say bras make them uncomfortable and a study that shoes bras being the leading cause of cancer.
On a stealth attraction night out, BigEye.ug editor, Ortega Ian went on a survey, hooking up some of these girls and trying to establish why they prefer the no-panty, no-bra trends and why it is not about to go away.
Martha Kataike says in her case, she thinks this fashion gives women freedom. “It’s a night out so why not let everything out,” she says. Kataika also agrees that girls enjoy it being squeezed, tight danced with no panty on. It feels so natural.
Rachael Atwine on the other hand attributes in to the ease the pantyless and braless fashion brings about. “It is easy and quick to have a quickie in club with no bra or panty on, definitely having knickers would make it harder for the other party,” she says.
Dinah Namubiru however says that sometimes it gets so hot in club and having no bra or panty on helps one to keep refreshed. “It’s all about having that cool feeling while in club, knowing that one is wild, young and free,” she says.
The country seems to be taking a nude shift with nude photos no longer making an impact on the print media. They don’t bring up that amused feeling when people see them. In fact, clubs are in the process of introducing bang sections for those interested in hooking up with others for quickies in clubs. One club PRO confided in us and said that club goers especially girls have always longed for such a section or for a night where it is a meet and bang with no fear or favour.
In the next segment, BigEye.ug will bring you the secrets behind Uganda’s porn industry; tell you about the leading actresses plus other actors who are going international from Uganda. We shall uncover all the untold wacky stories this side.

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