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NBL’s BEER NOW returns, now transport free



By Reporter

Nile Breweries is back with It’s Beer Now campaign that will see beer delivered to it’s customers at the comfort of their homes. Like in the first lockdown last year, Beer Now is a platform that gets beer delivered to your home by NBL. According to NBL, any body above the age of 18 will be able to access the platform and also get beer delivered to them within an hour.

The platform now is transport free for anyone buying a crate or more and also provides that any one to subscribe to the free transport order must buy 10 or more beers. “For anyone ordering less than 10 beers will pay a transport fee between 3,000ugx and 5,000ugx depending on their places of delivery.” NBL clarifies.

How to Use Beer Now Platform:

Inorder for one to get their favorite brand delivered by their door step, they have to visit the Beer Now website, confirm their age and browse through to select their orders.

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